Sunday, January 15, 2012

Something New Every Day and a Freebie!!!

I am learning something new everyday about blogging, adding gadgets, PDF securities, photos's ect. I still need to figure out how to upload a picture of my activity and have that take my followers and visitors to google doc.  I have learned this weekend my first bloggers rule:  Rule #1-Don't start a blog until you are able to work a computer!!! :)

I accidently changed my blog layout (its a good thing, I do like it much better). Though I was waiting for Jenn Bates at Dream Team Designs to finish the REAL one!!

Anyway, on to the freebie. I bought Debbie Dillers Math Station book this summer. My kiddos love math stations and I love teaching math in smaller groups. So here is a "Time" activity that I am going to use next month. Don't laugh at the title-I am not very creative when comes to coming up with all those cute names of units and activities that many of you come up with.  It matches the Common Core Standard for first and second grade. Click the URL at the bottom of the page to get it.
Enjoy your Sunday,
Barbara and Mary


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