Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Break Is Almost Here and a Freebie!!

It seems like forever since we have posted anything. It is that time of year when there is  never time to sit down and breathe! The kids are restless and it takes everything we have to keep them actively engaged.  Our Spring Break starts April 7th and I am so excited!! My husband and I are going to  Las Vegas ALONE, yep NO KIDS!!!! I turn 40 in twenty one days and this is my birthday present from  him. I have never been to Vegas so I am pretty pumped.

Here is a math center station that I am going to use next week to review 2 digit addtion. Just click on the picture and it will take you to our TPT store where you can download it.

Have a wonderful Weekend- GO KENTUCKY WILDCATS


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Don't Take Life For Granted--Reprioritize

Sorry for the absence! Last week was just crazy, Mary was  sick and things in my world were just plane hectic!! Then on Friday morning we get a call from our mom that our cousin had passed away. Steve had been fighting brain cancer for about 8 years. We new his time with us was getting short, the doctors told his wife and my aunt back in February that he had about 6 weeks. Even though you try to prepare yourself, and you know the time is coming, it doesn't make it easier on the family.

Last June we lost our father unexpectedly! One day we were celebrating my oldest nephews graduation with him and then the next morning we get the call that he had passed away in the night. Not sure which is worse the shock of the unexpected or knowing the time is coming and trying to prepare yourself. Luckily, we had spent a lot of time with my dad the week before his passing. We feel in our hearts that we had some true quality time with him!! In our minds our father was going to live forever! We  took for granted that he would always be a phone call away or a few miles down the road. So making sure we saw or called him wasn't a priority- he as always going to be there.

With all that being said, the lose of our loved ones has made us reflect back and take a look on how we prioritize things. A spotless house, laundry always folded, a neatly landscaped yard, perfect lesson plans, centers that ALWAYS match the month. The list could just keep going on.  It just doesn't seem to be that important anymore. We started to realize that spending time with our family and friends and creating those memories that our children will take with them as adults is much more important. To bad it has taken me (Barbara) 40 years to finally get it!!!

So as I write this I just ask that you stop and take a look at your priorities. What things do you take for granted?  My daughter asked me the other evening to come outside and watch her practice riding her bike without training wheels. I was in the middle of lesson plans. Normally, I would have said "Let me finish these plans and I will come out when I am done." Not this time  I immediately jumped up and got on my shoes. Plans can always wait!!

Remember those you love and take the time that is needed to nurture those relationships because in the end what more do you really have!!!!!

Because we appreciate each of you here is an Easter short vowel sort that I will be using as a review the first week in April. Click the image to go our TPT store to download.


Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Freebie!!

Eight days  until spring is officially here, we can't wait! The weather here has been in the 60's and this week it is going to hit the high 70's.  We are off on Friday, this was a snow makeup day. We had no snow days this year, I was pretty bummed, but now I am glad. Spring Break is 2 weeks and 3 days away, but who is counting!!!
Click Picture to download
We have been working on open and closed syllables. I made this activity as a review. I hope you can use it!!


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Teachers Taking Care of Teachers

Everytime we turn on the news and learn about the updates about those who have been affected by this terrible tradegy it saddnes our hearts. It really hits home because this was what our weather reporters were predicting for our area. Somehow by the grace of God, it missed us!

What can we do to help? We will be dontating our items in our TPT store to those teachers in need.
Krystal at Kreative in Kinder is having is having a Link Up for teachers that want to help the teachers that  lost everything from the tordadoes that hit thier area. Please link up to help those teachers.

Come back tomorrow for a Spring Freebie.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Teachers Notebook Store Now Open!

We have just opened our Teachers Notebook Store. There are only a few items right now, we are in the process of uploading everything into the store. I add a Teachers Notebook button, somehow I got two!!! The first one is the correct one, the second one won't come off- when I click on it, it tells me "The Webpage cannot be found" PLEASE HELP!! Thanks so much


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hump Day Freebie!

Why do four day weeks seem longer than five day weeks? Kids did not come to school on Monday because it was a PLC day for teachers in the district. It never fails, the week seems to go by so much slower when the kids don't come everyday!! Here is  a little something that Mary put together to help her students with prefixes. Hope some of you can use it!
Click the download to get a copy!


Monday, March 5, 2012

Weather Unit On TPT

We finally posted our weather unit last night on TPT along with a word game for vowel digraphs (au, aw, ew, ui). I had put together a collage to advertise the weather unit- but can't seem to find where it saved on the computer. If you are interested and want to check it out there is a preview on TPT. I hope everyone had  a great start to the week. No kids today, its a PLC (Professional Learning Club) day here in our district.

Click the pictures for the direct link


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Top 10 Blog Award and a Thank You Freebie

Good Morning in blog land. I hope everyone has had an enjoyable weekend. I woke up this morning to find that All That Glitters In First Grade had nominated us for the Top 10 Blog Award. Thank you so much!!
So now its my turn! Go here to find the Top 10 Award instructions.

The blogs I am nominating are:

Michelle at The 3am Teacher
Heather at Heather's Heart
Lauren at The Weekly Hive

Now for the Freebie!  A -R- Blend word activity for Saint Patricks Day. Please leave feedback if you down load the activity.


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Prayers For The Storm Victims

Yesterday was a very stressful day and evening here in Central Kentucky! Fortunately our area was not hit. The storm went right above and below us, based on the weather patterns we were suppose to get hit pretty hard!  Unfortunately, as I am sure you all know, several areas were hit very hard, even completely destroyed! Our hearts go out to those who were affected by this terrible sequence of tornado's. Prayers are being sent your way.

 Here is a writing prompt that I am going to use with my kiddos during St. Patricks Day week. Click the picture to download.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Better Late Then Never!!

I guess time has just got away from me this week! Ever had one of  those weeks? My husband is out of town on business, so I am a single mom until Sunday night!

Anyway, today is TPT's Leap Year Sale. I went and put our items on sale but then never got back to advertising the sale! I realized this,this morning when someone purchased something and it showed up with the sale price. So I am advertising now!! Everything in our store (not alot of items :) is an additional 20% off. Click the picture to go to our store.
I am headed over now to buy my wish list!!