Saturday, October 19, 2013

Owl About Data

        So after working this summer on our monster data binder- I had a little inspiration to start creating themed binders. I started the most adorable circus and am still working on that when I have a free moment to concentrate- but my partner in crime was really motivated to get an Owl themed binder created to go with some of her other owl stuff- and after a few late nights and a lot of laughs- it is finished! AND WE LOVE IT!

So here is a sneak preview of it! The same pages are included in this set as the monster-but they are edited to better fit the theme! Again this is a set for kindergarten, first, or second grade students.

I can't wait to post some pics of our monster binder in action- the kids are working hard on theirs- and with a little patience at the beginning the students have really taken ownership and pride in them.

Mallory has already had her first student led- "Celebration Conference" using the data binder and mine are scheduled for this week- fingers crossed they go just as well.

Here are the items you can find in the Owl Binder- we did add a student reflection page!
The first person to comment will get the whole set for free- we would love to see some feedback!

The first ten to "pin" our binder preview on pinterest and comment back with their email will recieve the reflection page as a freebie and one of them will also be randomly selected to recieve the whole set.

Happy Pinning! Hope this helps someone as much as it has helped us this year!
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~Barbara & Mallory

Table of Contents:
Cover Page….. page 1
Table of Contents….. page 2
Binder Cover…. page 3
ABC Sounds….. page 4
ABC letter recognition ….page 5
Colors…. page 6
Numbers 1-50….page 7
Numbers 1-120 ….. page 8
Numbers 1-150….. page 9
Dolch Sights Words Cover ….. page 10
Dolch Sight Word Lists 1-11 ….. pages 11-21
Dolch Sight Word Record by List ….. page  22
Basic Shapes ….. page  23
More Shapes ….. page 24
Phonics Skills K-1 ….. page 25
Phonics Skills 1-2 ….. page 26
Math CCSS Kindergarten ….. page 27
Math CCSS First Grade ….. page  28
Math CCSS Second Grade ….. page 29
Addition & Subtraction Fluency K-2 ….. page 30
Sight Words 1-100 ….. page 31
Sight Words 1-200 ….. page 32
Sight Words 1-250 ….. page 33
Sight Words 1-500 ….. page 34
Behavior Log (Kindergarten) ….. page 35
Behavior Log (First Grade) ….. page 36
Behavior Log (Second Grade) ….. page 37
Homework By Quarter ….. pages 38-41
Goal Setting Sheet ….. page 42
MAP Goal Reading….. page 43
MAP Goal Math….. page 44
Future Goals K-2 ….. pages 45-47
Spelling Graph 5 words….. page 48
Spelling Graph 10 words ….. page 49
Spelling Graph 10 words + bonus….. page 50
Spelling Graph 15 words ….. page 51
Self Assessment….. Page 52
Credits Page….. page 53



christine said...

The owl theme is so cute! Great product!

meadowt said...

Congrats! You are our first winner! Thanks for the comment- we would love to hear feedback after you see it! It is on its way!

~Barbara & Mallory

Delighted said...

Love the owl theme. I have been working all weekend on my data folders. Not exactly what I had planned...but I have accomplished so much!!

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