Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Don't Take Life For Granted--Reprioritize

Sorry for the absence! Last week was just crazy, Mary was  sick and things in my world were just plane hectic!! Then on Friday morning we get a call from our mom that our cousin had passed away. Steve had been fighting brain cancer for about 8 years. We new his time with us was getting short, the doctors told his wife and my aunt back in February that he had about 6 weeks. Even though you try to prepare yourself, and you know the time is coming, it doesn't make it easier on the family.

Last June we lost our father unexpectedly! One day we were celebrating my oldest nephews graduation with him and then the next morning we get the call that he had passed away in the night. Not sure which is worse the shock of the unexpected or knowing the time is coming and trying to prepare yourself. Luckily, we had spent a lot of time with my dad the week before his passing. We feel in our hearts that we had some true quality time with him!! In our minds our father was going to live forever! We  took for granted that he would always be a phone call away or a few miles down the road. So making sure we saw or called him wasn't a priority- he as always going to be there.

With all that being said, the lose of our loved ones has made us reflect back and take a look on how we prioritize things. A spotless house, laundry always folded, a neatly landscaped yard, perfect lesson plans, centers that ALWAYS match the month. The list could just keep going on.  It just doesn't seem to be that important anymore. We started to realize that spending time with our family and friends and creating those memories that our children will take with them as adults is much more important. To bad it has taken me (Barbara) 40 years to finally get it!!!

So as I write this I just ask that you stop and take a look at your priorities. What things do you take for granted?  My daughter asked me the other evening to come outside and watch her practice riding her bike without training wheels. I was in the middle of lesson plans. Normally, I would have said "Let me finish these plans and I will come out when I am done." Not this time  I immediately jumped up and got on my shoes. Plans can always wait!!

Remember those you love and take the time that is needed to nurture those relationships because in the end what more do you really have!!!!!

Because we appreciate each of you here is an Easter short vowel sort that I will be using as a review the first week in April. Click the image to go our TPT store to download.



Mr. Jones said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and showing support. I appreciate it. Cute blog!

First Upon A Time

Barbara said...

Great post! I was actually thinking similar thoughts this weekend. Here's to memories and messy houses!

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