Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New item on TPT

It has been a long week for just a 4 day week and only being Wednesday!! It is only 7:00 and I think I am going to go crawl up in bed and call it a night!!  I was trying to work on a money center for next month but can't seem to find money clip art that would be ok to use for freebies or sale.Because I am so tired I stopped looking so--- can anyone point me in the right direction? Also, I have just upload a new item to my TPT store. Its matching "S" blends with pictures. If you are interested click my TPT button at the top of my page.
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Bri said...

I just figure out of to make my own clipart and if you want I'll make some for you this next week...I'll put a sample up on my blog and you can tell me if you like it and then I'll make the rest. I'll have it up later today...

Good luck,

Bri said...

Ok, they're made! Go check them out and tell me what you think: