Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Monster Madness and a FREEBIE

Ok- Ok... It has been FOREVER since I have posted on here- let me start with an apology. So much has happened and I had great intentions of coming to share with you and apparently no follow through. Sorry- Don't worry I put a freebie below :)

Since my last post I have started my classroom make-over and it is MONSTER MADNESS in there. Emphasis on the MADNESS more than the monster :) I have started slowly changing over my room to show the theme and really love the changes so far.

Last year I was re-united with my KTIP kid. People kept asking me about my daughter whenever we did things together and let me tell you it really pissed me off (made me mad.) But even though she looks like a kid she is NOT THAT YOUNG... but, of course,  younger than me.

Mallory (my KTIP kid) and I had a great first year teaching first grade together. We did some team teaching, switched kiddos for our enrichment block, and really took collaborating to a new level. We LOVE working together and couldn't make it through some days without each other.

So back to that MADNESS I mentioned earlier. Mallory and I have been scouring TPT for new ideas, plans, and inspiration for our classrooms. After searching through all the amazing things we found we decided to unite forces and create some of our own to post...monster themed for me of course. We are currently working on a creating a kid friendly Primary Data Binder Set and are preparing to post this weekend-YIKES. I don't think Mallory's ocean themed classroom is getting a great deal out of this- but good for me for talking her into all her help! It's great to be a mentor!

Ok- so on that subject, Mallory has all intentions of creating an Ocean set along with the Monster set and I have been playing around with some super cute Circus clip art- but wanted to ask you... What would be the next best set to create? If you can comment on some themes you would like to see it would really help us out! THANKS

Now for you... Here is a sample of our Monster Data Binder Set for primary students.

So far it contains: 
  • Binder Cover
  • ABC Letter Recognition and Sounds
  • Colors
  • Numbers (differentiated pages)
  • Dolch Sight Words 1-11
  • Shapes
  • Phonics (differentiated page)
  • Math CCSS K-2
  • Number of Sight Words
  • Behavior
  • Goal Setting
  • Homework
Here is your freebie as earlier promised :)
Hope You Are All Off To A Great Start To A New School Year!


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