Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's Finally Friday!!!

Wow, what a very long week!!! Nothing particular,special, or important going on its just been long. We have usually had several snow days by now. Snow has not been in our favor this winter. We have only had 1 one hour delay :(   I am known around my school for my infamous "Snow Dance" and have been threatened by our office manager if I lift my feet. BUT I am starting to  feel its time to start the Wikki Wikki Snow Dance. :) 

On another note, I was just over at A Teacher Bag of Tricks. She is having a marvelous giveaway!! She will create a custom lesson/activity pack just for you in mind!! So head over and sign up for this awesome giveaway.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend, come back this weekend. I will have some freebies to share with you for math and reading!!


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McNuttS said...

I hear ya about the no snow days! I am very ready for one!! Im a new follower and I gave you an award! Come over and check it out!

Guess I need to learn how to post it as an actual link!